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Travellers ReviewWe had the great privilege of visiting Bhutan, for 10 days,during end of October-early November 2015. We very much enjoyed the itinerary planed for us by Bhutan Real Adventures.

As experienced Canadian travellers, Bhutan was a country we dreamed of visiting and we were not disappointed. On the contrary, we felt marvelled by what we saw, not only the major sites of high historical and religious value and the breathtaking landscapes, but most importantly, the trip made us discover the uniqueness of this magnificent small kingdom nested in the Himalayas. Everything is unique about Bhutan, its architecture, its people, deeply kind and caring of nature in all its expressions. The trip gave us a small window to look into what it means in practice the notion of “Gross National Happiness” this unique, promising and innovative way of thinking and measuring the prosperity of the country and the wellbeing of its citizens, as conceived by their beloved king.

We always felt in good hands and in good company thanks to the caring and attentive service of Yezer our experienced Bhutanese guide, and to the amazingly good driving skills of Karma our driver. They were flexible to make small adjustments to the itinerary on request and, to the extent of their possibilities, to try to find ways to respond to our needs and interests. The central office of Bhutan Real Adventures stayed in touch along the trip and at the end kindly invited our feedback and comments.

We loved our trip to Bhutan and would recommend the services of Bhutan Real Adventures to anyone who wishes to visit this beautiful country.

Rejean and Esperanza

Travellers ReviewWe had the most wonderful eight days in Paro, Thimpu and Panakha, thanks to the excellent people at Bhutan Real Adventures. Every detail was planned and executed perfectly and we learned a tremendous amount about the country, it’s history, it’s people and it’s culture from our superb guide, Tashi, and our driver, Dawa, whose skilful driving took us to many interesting places! There were too many highlights to mention, although the hike to the Tiger Nest Monastery is unforgettable. We highly recommend that everyone who can travel to Bhutan and Bhutan Real Adventures will not disappoint you!

A once in a lifetime experience.

Barbara Drew

Travellers ReviewI absolutely loved my time in Bhutan and the excellent and superior services of Bhutan Real Adventures. I can not recommend Bhutan Real Adventures enough to everyone that is considering paying Bhutan a visit. They made my trip planning so smooth and easy. Their services and help continued throughout my time in Bhutan. They were there for me from the planning stage until I was climbing the stairs of my return flight home. This country is breath taking and the people and culture make it special. My only regret is that my time in Bhutan was not longer. If you ever have the opportunity go to Bhutan, you must. This country now holds a special place in my heart and memories.

Patti Jo Frey Pafford

Travellers ReviewWhat a wonderful place such a great place to visit, everyone was so helpful and it is great to meet people who are so proud of their beautiful country which is so stunning. Thank you for a amazing trip.



Claire Thomsett

Travellers ReviewWe enjoyed our stay in Bhutan Fabulous place,amazing scenery very polite people had a great tour guide ,5star accommodation just overall excellent service provided by Bhutan Real Adventures



Louis Lupancu

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